Cleanway Janitorial Services

Covid-19 Information

Cleanway Janitorial Services follows all Government of Alberta Health guidelines to assist in the prevention Covid-19 or other illnesses.  All facilities are approached with the highest standards of general cleaning and disinfection considerations for preventing illness spread including Covid-19, gastrointestinal illnesses, and other respiratory illnesses.

General Cleaning

Cleaning refers to the removal of visible dirt, grime and impurities. Cleaning does not kill germs but helps remove them from the surface. It is important for high frequency of daily cleaning and disinfection of common areas and surfaces. We pay particular attention to doorknobs, light switches, staff rooms, desktops, washrooms and other high-touch surfaces and high traffic common areas.


Disinfecting refers to using industry approved chemicals to kill germs on all surfaces. Disinfecting is most effective after surfaces are cleaned. Both steps are important to reduce the spread of infection. Cleanway Janitorial Services uses disinfectants that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) and a broad-spectrum virucidal claim or a virucidal claim against non-enveloped viruses or coronaviruses. All of our disinfection products are industry approved by the Health Canada.

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