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A janitor and a commercial cleaner – what’s the difference? While both a janitor and a commercial cleaner perform cleaning duties for facilities, their focus and frequency differ significantly.

A janitorial service offers cleaning of high-use and high-traffic areas in facilities. They are typically hired on a contract basis and provide cleaning services as often as daily, weekly or biweekly. While janitors are primarily concerned with areas of frequent use such as restrooms, breakrooms and conference areas, commercial cleaners are focused on cleaning services on commercial or industrial facilities.

Commercial cleaners offer their services to restaurants, schools, IT centers, shopping malls and high-rise complexes, to name just a few. While janitors are concerned with your customer’s first impression as they enter your facility, commercial cleaners are concerned with controlling hazards in the workplace for the wellbeing of all employees in the environment.

Why You Need a Commercial Cleaner

Organizational hygiene is about more than your customer’s first impression when they walk through your door. In fact, the health and safety of your employees and customers could be more at risk from the invisible elements of their environments. 

The quality of the air within your space can be affected by many things and should always be maintained. Whether you use machinery that pollutes the air with exhaust, or employees are exposed to dust or mold, exposure over the long-term could put your people at risk. Persistent coughing, raspy voice, migraines and nausea are all signs of exposure to poor quality air. Increased instances of allergic reactions in the environment may be an indication that allergens are entering the shared space and are not being properly neutralized by ventilation or cleaning.


If your environment utilizes large machinery, it is important to ensure that the equipment is maintained regularly to ensure that potential exposure to fuel gasses via equipment leak is minimized. Providing adequate ventilation is a key factor in limiting potential exposure but attending to regular cleaning of air vents is critical to ensuring a safe environment. Commercial cleaners are equipped with industrial strength cleaning products, techniques and tools to allow them to effectively clean industrial facilities.

Commercial cleaners perform an array of services and can be hired to perform a singular service (hot water exchange carpet cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, or graffiti removal, for example) or they may perform regular services based on a plan of action that is coordinated with a company representative. Periodic services may include dusting and cleaning lighting and cleaning out vents.


Like a mother who picks up after her child at night, it may be easy for employees to overlook clean carpets and tidy ventilation systems, but they will likely notice if these services aren’t performed. When regular maintenance isn’t being done, grime, clutter and overwhelm can begin to creep in and impact their quality of work (through no fault of their own). Overwhelmed employees are less productive, less balanced, and less content overall. Providing your employees with a clean and organized environment is important to the company’s success.

New Concerns

Commercial cleaners understand cleaning and disinfection procedures required by law, and are aware of the risks of cross-contamination. This is critical in today’s reality, since fear of contracting COVID-19 is a common concern. Today’s employees want to know that their facility is being cleaned by knowledgeable and conscientious professionals who are concerned with their safety and the safety of others sharing the environment. This includes spill cleanup of hazardous substances.

Working for You – Around the Clock

Perhaps the greatest advantage to our services is our ability to be flexible and adaptive to your organization’s needs. Many industrial environments are 24-hour operations with shifts taking place morning, evening and night. It can be difficult to perform these speciality cleaning services in areas where machines are active, or employees are working and should not be disturbed. For this reason, we offer around-the-clock services that accommodate your needs. Cleaners are available nights and weekends, and when gaining access to an area for cleaning is difficult, our representatives will work with you to determine a plan of action. This will ensure minimal disruption of your workforce and keep equipment maintained as required.

Whether you require commercial cleaning services, or daily janitorial services, we are here to support you. If you are unsure of the scope of your needs, reach out to our representatives who can walk you through the process and produce an accurate quote for services. We encourage you to regularly review your cleaning plan in order to make adjustments. In this way, your cleaning services program will evolve over time to ensure that you are getting the best value for your investment and that the safety of your employees, contractors and clients are always first priority.

Do you require particular cleaning methods or products to be used in your facility? Talk to us about a customized plan that ensures adherence to your industry’s quality standards.

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