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No matter the type of industry, if you have a facility, you have floors that require proper maintenance to ensure that they are safe and in good repair for your employees, contractors and visitors. While carpet cleaning is effective for its application, hard flooring requires a different approach.

Optics Matter

When you’re running a business, things get busy. You miss a mopping day here or ding up the floor there and make a mental note to catch up on these things as soon as things ‘cool down’ for you in terms of schedule. But let’s be honest: for the successful business owner, that day rarely comes.


Floors are always going to be there – if they’re hard and flat they’re doing their job, right? Before long you justify the lack of its maintenance to yourself as being unimportant. You might think that your employees and customers are too busy to notice things like old-looking floors, but this is rarely the case.


The reality is that, while those of you in the environment may become used to its general appearance, customers, potential employees and other visitors who enter your space for the first time are forming a mental ‘profile’ of your business as they enter. This isn’t because your customers want to judge you unfairly – it’s just human psychology. Bright stores and offices can highlight imperfections in flooring and make products appear less appealing to the consumer, as in a grocery store or spa, for example. Would you rather eat in a restaurant whose floor is obviously clean, or covered in stains, scuffs and chips?

Business owners who are conscientious of, and anticipate, their visitor’s perspective often come to identify where improvements can be made to the environment’s appearance to reinforce their reputation and leave a lasting impression. An investment in the proper care and maintenance of your flooring is an investment in your organization. You do so much to make your organization a success, don’t cut corners on cleaning what covers the majority of your building’s surface area – flooring!

Start Fresh

If you have old vinyl flooring, mopping and sweeping will do little to improve its appearance. But don’t run out and invest in new flooring just yet! Talk to a professional floor waxer to find out if your floors really need to be replaced. More than likely, your cleaning professional will recommend that the old layers of wax and grime be stripped from the floor before it is professionally cleaned and sealed with a fresh coat of a professional flooring wax. This can offer thousands of dollars in savings over a full replacement.


If we have any advice where it comes to hard flooring it’s: maintain, maintain, maintain! When hard floors are not regularly maintained, their protective coating wears away. That protective layer is what prevents superficial damage from becoming permanent. Without it, flooring begins to discolour and can be more susceptible to damage. A regular waxing treatment refinishes the top layer of your flooring, keeping it looking fresh, clean and new.


Once business owners understand the importance of regular floor care and maintenance, it is common for them to consider whether performing their own floor care is the right choice for them. We recommend against this approach unless the person performing the service has previous hands-on experience. This is because stripping and waxing is a process that can result in damage if not properly executed.

Different kinds of floors require different kinds of products, techniques and tools and these materials must be handled carefully to avoid accident or injury, as well as damage to floors. Professional floor cleaners are fully insured and trained to handle these products. That means that we assume the risk in the unlikely event of an incident occurring, whereas significant damage to flooring could be an out-of-pocket expense for a company if they should attempt to perform the task in-house. Improper mixing and dilution ratios, too much or too little dwell time, and harm due to improper handling of chemicals are all potential results of a large-scale do-it-yourself floor waxing effort.

Placing your trust in our services means that you will enjoy all the benefits of a professionally waxed floor without any undue risk. Your newly stripped, cleaned, waxed and buffed floors will improve the general appearance of its environment, protect underlying flooring from damage and demonstrate the concern you have for the cleanliness of your organization.


We offer commercial cleaning and janitorial services which can be added to your service package as part of a regular service schedule. If you are unsure about whether a commercial cleaner is the right professional for your needs, contact our office to speak with a representative who can offer more information about our services and arrange a quote. For these purposes, note the approximate size of the areas in need of servicing as well as the type of flooring material, if known, and any other services that you are considering.

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