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Owning your own business is a point of pride. You put your time, energy and dedication into serving the needs of your clients – and your time may be scarce. As a busy business owner, your list of competing priorities may be lengthy. While you’d like to attend to all matters of importance, the reality is that time that you spend cleaning and maintaining your business is time that you are not devoting to its success.

What is a Janitorial Service?

Janitorial services are cleaning and sanitizing services performed by a trained cleaning professional. Janitorial services are required in virtually every brick-and-mortar facility, including: corporate buildings, industrial settings, hospitals, clinics and even government offices.  If your business has shared gathering areas like lunchrooms, boardrooms or washroom facilities, you need janitorial services to ensure the cleanliness of these facilities.

What Do Janitors Do?

Janitors perform regular cleaning tasks at scheduled intervals, from once-a-month to weekly or even daily. They may perform customized services over and above these general tasks:

  • Cleaning and wiping down of work surfaces
  • Loading and unloading dishwasher with shared dishes or hand washing
  • Sanitizing surfaces such as tabletops, fridge handles and counters
  • Emptying, removal and replacement of trash bags throughout the facility
  • Mopping, sweeping or vacuuming as necessary
  • Light organization duties
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Cleaning restrooms and refreshing supplies
  • Cleaning of indoor windows and display cases
  • Wiping down phones and intercoms

Benefits of Janitorial Services in Edmonton

Increased Employee Confidence

In the wake of a global pandemic, many employees who are required to work on-site may have concerns about the possibility of contracting the virus – particularly where many people are gathered together. The increased evidence of regular cleaning and sanitizing in their workplace may provide gains in productivity, as employees are able to attend to their roles without distraction.

Fewer Absences

A regular janitorial program will not only prevent the risk of transmission of COVID-19, but it will also prevent the spread of other illnesses like the seasonal flu. This translates to fewer man-hours lost and increased productivity overall.

Fewer Allergies

Allergies affect many people across industries, and allergic reactions may be triggered by environmental contamination. This can be caused by other employees bringing allergens into the environment from outside. This could include pet dander, dust mite larvae and even floral displays. Allergies are a common cause of employee absences – a clean environment with little dust goes a long way to keeping allergic reactions to a minimum.


In environments that utilize instruments and equipment, maintenance of this equipment is important to avoid potential downtime. Regularly scheduled cleaning maintenance keeps your equipment serviceable and prevents potential accidents. In offices, a buildup of dust in the laptop is often responsible for its poor function – again, decreasing productivity. Janitor services can regularly ‘dust’ the inside of company computers to discourage buildup and potentially extend their life.

Reliable & Consistent

Many organizations who are attempting to mitigate costs associated with cleaning will allocate this duty to an employee in-house. While this may be a reasonable solution in the short-term, most companies find that, as they grow, it becomes more and more difficult to ‘remember’ this task. A janitorial service offers relief from this challenge, as scheduling the cleaning regularly with a third-party means that these important tasks are not forgotten or pushed off until a later date, and staff can allocate more time to productive tasks that impact your bottom line.

Maintain Your Brand

Our janitorial cleaning services in Edmonton offers you the opportunity to give your clients the best possible impression when they walk through your doors. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that we do everything we can to maintain your brand. As a result, we are always dressed professionally, and we are ready to help you make a lasting impression with your valued customers and clients.

Working On Your Schedule

While many facilities can be serviced during the day, we maintain flexible scheduling to ensure that daytime and nighttime schedules are available. If cleaning during the day would be unsafe or distracting, your janitorial services may be scheduled during the evening.


Rather than use employees to complete cleaning tasks and losing important productive time, working with a janitorial service in Edmonton offers predictable rates that can be anticipated and budgeted for each billing cycle.


If you are thinking about whether a janitorial service is right for you, take some time to identify the tasks that should be included in any cleaning program (in-house or contracted), and how often they are performed. This will give you an overview of the size and scope of the cleaning requirements for your facility. This list can be used to share with our representatives who can design a custom quote based on your unique needs. Not sure where to start? Call our office where a representative can discuss your needs with you.

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